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Dematic to beta-test smart warehouse picking truck

It’s almost impossible to reduce error rates to zero using manual procedures in normal operation. Dematic has presented its first robotic model to replace manual picking in a variety of settings.

FlexTruck – a warehouse truck with smart navigation – equipped with the automated robotic manipulator (ARM) attachment is especially suited to places such as refrigerated warehouses that are difficult for humans to work in. Dematic aims to provide inspiration on the AGV market by conducting pilot studies in addition to the company’s staple, automating large-scale warehousing.

The company is set to begin beta-testing FlexTruck in the US this year. The truck can turn on its own axis and transport loads of up to 2,300 kilos at speeds up to 2 m/s. The truck is equipped with a smart navigation system using optical sensors to guide it around and it does not need tracks or any other infrastructure for orientation, eliminating much of the investment costs associated with other AGV systems.

Exhibitor: Dematic GmbH

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