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About us

About Euroroll

The main principle for an efficient storage and commissioning system is a quick, comfortable and smooth handling of the goods. Since 1982 we ensure, that via our multifunctional, gravity controlled roller systems these requirements are fulfilled.

The variety of products and goods, which need to be stored, commissioned and transported is nearly unlimited – from small, light, sensitive and compact until large, heavy, robust and bulky – everything is included.

The requirements for each customer application are different. To be able to ensure optimum process sequences, our products are in any case individually and exactly customized to the customer needs.

Euroroll company is your problem solver, consulting engineer and one of the leading specialists for gravity driven conveyor systems. After an intense consultation the specialists of our design department calculate and design a solution based on the customer specification.

Products and services

          Pallet Flow:

  • FIFO lanes
  • LIFO lanes and Cart-Pushback-Systems
  • Horizontal conveyor lanes without slope
  • Pallet roller tracks
  • Speed controllers: direct and indirect brake rollers
  • Pallet-separators: automatic, manual, electric &  pneumatic
  • Special solutions: reinforced discharging units tiltable lanes, driven, conveying elements

    Carton Flow:

  • Flow shelves
  • Carton flow wheel rails
    highly conductive; wheel flange; mini
  • Universal wheel flow tracks
  • Multidirectional wheels

    Material Handling Components
Euroroll Order Picking Flow Systems (KDS)

Euroroll Order Picking Flow Systems (KDS)

Working on a rational basis is essential in order picking both for the company and for its employees. The company saves money, and employees have less strenuous work to do. As a result, employee absences are reduced.

Euroroll's order picking flow systems (KDS), which are structured on the picker-to-part principle, optimize processes in several ways.

Euroroll Gravity Conveyors for Live Storage Systems

Euroroll Gravity Conveyors for Live Storage Systems

In order to improve the performance of warehousing and distribution centres, the Euroroll systems are offering optimum solutions.

From FIFO to LIFO applications, from buffer to picking to dispatch lanes, Euroroll offers special and customized customer solutions.

Based on gravity, we design concepts for different rack- and handling systems as well as for all common paletts.


Euroroll GmbH
An der Vogelrute 46b–50
59387 Ascheberg–Herbern

Phone: +49 2599 925030

Frank Kaufmann
Sales Manager

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